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Rules of Engagement Full Movie Information –

  • Release date – 2000
  • Director: William Friedkin
  • Writers: Jim Webb (story) (as James Webb), Stephen
  • Gaghan (screenplay)
  • Stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, Guy Pearce |
  • Awards: NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
  • Box office collection: 7.17 crores USD  
  • Running time: 2:07:22
  • Producers:Scott RudinArne SchmidtRichard D. ZanuckJames Webb

Movie Story of Rules of Engagement

There could not possibly be a more terrible film on release now than Rules of Engagement, the big new action movie from no less a director than William Friedkin. This shrill, belligerent, reactionary nonsense is lazily plotted, grotesquely dishonest, and dripping with a creepy strain of Islamophobia. The film is about one of Uncle Sam’s uniformed heroes accused of bending the rules in the heat of battle and – but of course – let down by the pointy-headed PC politicos in Washington. Samuel L Jackson plays Colonel Terry Childers, a Marine Corps veteran who leads a mission to rescue the US ambassador from the Yemen embassy. The ambassador is a nervous, cowardly, duplicitous liar, and therefore played by a British actor, Ben Kingsley. When a local anti-American demo turns ugly a catastrophe ensues.

Shot at from somewhere outside the embassy compound, Childers orders his men to fire into the crowd – having to repeat his order to a terrified subordinate who can see no justification for this – and causes scores of civilian deaths.

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The consequent political row leads to a court-martial, and Childers asks to be defended by his old buddy Colonel Hodges (Tommy Lee Jones), a desk-bound army lawyer whose life he saved in Vietnam 30 years before. Hays is a mediocre lawyer and semi-reformed drinker liable to fall off the wagon at any time. But never mind that: he’s a Marine, and he knows what it’s like to risk death under fire, and so only he has the kind of moral Übermensch status necessary to tackle this crisis. He’s the only guy Terry can trust .

In Humphrey Bogart’s immortal phrase, it stinks up the screen. Jackson and Jones are less than convincing as soldiers of any sort, and by seeking to endow the Marines with both triumphal glamour and victim status, the film strikes more false notes than a platoon of pissed Banffshire pipers. Rules of Engagement turns on the very simple issue of whether there were armed terrorists concealed in the apparently unarmed demo crowd. If there were, Childers would obviously have some justification for his action. But through a tiresome sleight of hand, this information is withheld from us until the very end, thus maintaining a bogus narrative and moral tension.

There is, we learn, a videotape recovered from one of the embassy’s CCTV cameras, which could exonerate Terry. A sinister national security aide conceals it – naturally setting up our expectation of its eventual discovery at the 11th hour. But later, the evil aide burns it. Oh no! Our hero’s only material evidence up in smoke! Will a copy be found? Er, no. Hays mutters some thing at the trial about a missing video but finally manages to persuade the khaki-clad jury to acquit his man with nothing more concrete than a heart-rending, choked-up speech about how as army folk they should not leave a Marine “out to dry”. Over the closing credits, almost as an afterthought, we are perfunctorily informed that the corrupt video-hiding-and-burning aide has been busted.

So the video muddle shows Stephen Gaghan’s screenplay needed a few rewrites. But that is not the real insult to the intelligence. To garner evidence for the defence, Colonel Hodges goes out to Yemen and sees for himself the terrible civilian casualties, including a heartbreaking little girl with one leg, hobbling around on a crutch. This is the cue for one of the shortest dark nights of the soul on record. Hays gets drunk on the plane back and gets involved in a fist-fight with Jackson – which is quickly resolved by the two of them guffawing and slapping each other on the back. The issue of civilian casualties is just the pretext for some male bonding.

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The full queasy significance of this sugary pseudo-resolution does not, however, emerge until William Friedkin finally favours us with what Jackson actually saw before he opened fire: a lot of sinister dusky Ay-rabs with guns, hiding among the women and children in the demo – and the heartbreaking little girl was actually toting a weapon herself! You can’t trust these towel-heads when they whinge about civilian deaths, you see… The sheer effrontery of that moment made me gasp. But it was nothing to what Friedkin produces at the finish: a North Vietnamese combat veteran wheeled out as a prosecution witness to testify to the nature of Terry’s brutality to unarmed PoWs in ‘Nam. Miraculously shedding his semi-drunken incompetence, Hays forces him in cross-examination to admit that he would do the same thing himself. And on the courtroom steps, over a rich violin swell, the greying Vietcong guy actually salutes the victorious Terry.

It was at this moment that I moaned from the stalls: “Oh for Christ’s sake !” We’re used to self-pitying tough guys in uniform shouting at us that we can’t handle the truth. But Rob Reiner’s A Few Good Men at least had good performances and a sharp script. And David O Russell’s Three Kings showed us that it is possible to make a modern war movie which is politically savvy, yet sympathetic to the choices faced by soldiers in battle.

But all Friedkin serves up is a naive macho romp – with a little contemporary twist. As the bullets fly in Yemen, we see a photo on the wall of the ambassador’s office of Bill Clinton, and another of Al Gore. In a later scene, the Clinton photo has for some reason disappeared. But Gore is still there – this year’s little-fancied Democratic hopeful, presiding over this political betrayal of America’s fighting man. Is Rules of Engagement the kind of Hollywood war film, we can expect to see from now on? Compassionate nouveau Rambo for the George Bush Jr generation? Movie Story firstly posted at source:

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