Top 101 Cool Random Facts - Interesting Facts

Top 101 Cool Random Facts – Interesting Facts

If you are feeling bored !! Just check this list of top interesting facts and get knowledge with fun. We are giving you that random facts after reading books and deep search. These funny random facts have lots of fun and knowledge so read them while being crazy.

Top Interesting Facts – Random Fact

1: The camel has 3 eyelids in the eye, which protects it from the sand that flies in the desert.
2: If the titanic ship height of 269 meters was raised vertically, then it would be higher than every building in its time.
3: The eyes of the donkey are such that they can see all four legs together. 
4: If you sneak out loud you can tread your ribs.
5: If you try to keep your eyes open to sneezing while you sneeze, you can snap the eyeball.

6: 1386 In the eighth century, a pig was hanged in France by the people in the guise of the murder of a child. 
7: Lizard heart throws 1000 times in 1 minute.
8: Rome is the world’s first city, whose population first crossed the 10 million mark 
9: Cigarette lighter was discovered before matches. 
10: Due to the earth’s gravity, it is not possible to elevate the mountains from 15,000 meters.
11: Honey is a single type of food that is not bad enough for thousands of years. The honey found in the Krabb of Firon King in the Pyramids of Egypt, when he was tasted by Scientist, he was equally delicious. Just needed to warm him a bit.
12: The heart of the marine is in his head! 
13: Some insects eat of self when they do not get food.
14: The nails of the fingers grow up to 4 times faster than the nails of the feet. 
16: Chhusupar can dig up to a distance of about 300 feet in 1 night.
17: ‘Uncopyrightable’ is an Aisa 15 word word that does not return any word.
18: It is impossible to keep eyes open while spraying and the speed of the spittle time stops for a millisecond.
1: Those people who have more sesame on their body, live more than those who have less sesame seeds.
2: There are 4 women out of 5 out of 100 who reach age.
3: Almost 100 bats together consume 25 cows’ blood in one year.
4: Men’s shirt’s button are on the right side while the ladie’s are on the left side.
5: Sachin Tendulkar fielded for Pak in One Day Practice Match in Brebaarn Stadium, Mumbai in 1988.
6: There is also iron in our body so that one inch of nail can also be made from iron obtained from one body. 
7: Dogs and cats are like human beingseither left or right.
8: The parachute was discovered 100 years ago before airplane.
9: Blue Whale In a breath, as much as 2000 balloon air pulls in and pulls out.
10: Octopus has three hearts.
11: To make the Titanic ship at that time, Rs. 357 million was spent, while making a Titanic film about 1000 crores approx.

12: The first camera made in 1894 had to sit for 8 hours in front of it to draw its photo.
13: People take the fastest decision when they are playing video games. 
14: Every year, there are two minutes in which there are 61 secs.
15: According to Albert Einstein, the millions of stars that we see in the sky at night are not in the place where we see them, but rather in some other place. We have seen light of many millions of light years left by them.
16: Can not turn any square dry paper more than 7 times in half and half. 
17: Humans can live many weeks without eating, but can not live 11 days without sleep.
18: The temperature that is generated by the lightening of the celestial power is 5 times higher thanthe temperature found on the surfaceof the sun.

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